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  • The Route

    The city of Volos is considered as a reference point for all visitors interested to reach our Guest House. From Volos, there are two alternative routes to the village of Mouresi.

    Eastern Route: (Mountainous 45. 2 km long). Following this route you pass through the village of Portaria in the western Pelion. Driving uphill you reach the village of Hania on the top of the mountain next to the ski resort. After that, the route goes downhill on the eastern side of the mountain, until it reaches Mouresi.

    Southern Route: (Coastal 43.1 km long). Alongside the peninsula of the Pagasiticos Bay through the coastal villages (of Agria and Gatzea) until shortly after the village of Kala Nera the road starts going uphill to the village of Tsagarada via the outskirts of the village of Milies.

    Here is some useful information about the two alternative routes.

    Eastern Route: Asphalt. In good condition overall, with several turns and an average of 50% in terms of uphill – downhill slopes (i.e. from Volos to the village of Hania: uphill. From Hania to the village of Anilio: downhill).

    Southern route: Asphalt in very good condition overall, with a few closed turns. The slope of the road until the junction to the village of Kala Nera is almost negligible. Thereafter a smooth climbing uphill begins.
    Beware of the weather: During the winter months it is very likely to encounter snow at some sections of the road to the village of Hania or to the village of Milies respectively,

    depending on the route. Snow chains may be needed in severe conditions. In extreme weather (heavy snowstorms) you are likely to come to a standstill until the municipality snow vehicles clean the road in order to proceed.

    Often there is a possibility of dense fog in the mountainous eastern part of the journey, after the village of Hania. Information about the condition of the roads one can get from the Municipality offices at tel. 24260-49238 or from the Traffic Police Department in Volos at tel. 24210-76968 or from the Citizens’ Service Center at tel. 1464.